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The Prowler Club of Colorado

The Mile Hi Prowlers is a non-profit group of fun loving people that get together with others that enjoy “Prowlin” the Colorado Rockies with other Prowler owners. Our web-site is open for all to enjoy and to get information about up-coming events that the club is involved with. You can click on our “Event Calendar” to see what and when we get together, and click on “Membership” to join our club. You can also click on the Facebook Group” to get all kinds of information about the members, the events we are having, and the “cat” that we love so much or click on the “Our Rides” for pictures of club members Prowlers. Plymouth/Chrysler built Prowlers from 1997 to 2002 with a total production of only 11,702 so its a real treat when we can get a bunch of Plymouth/Chrysler Prowlers together at the same time.
Grant (lawndog) Sutton, President of the Mile Hi Prowlers, welcomes you to our web site. Please enjoy your visit here and come join us at one of our Prowler events.
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