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Special Event Plates ~ Only Valid in State of Colorado

These plates can be used on any vehicle (does not have to be a Prowler). The cost for these plates is $55.00 per set and there is no charge to renew them. These plates can only be used on specific months each Summer which will be posted on the Mile Hi Prowlers web site.  The 2016 Special Event will be valid for use from 5-28-16 to 7-25-16. Dates for the 2017 plates will be posted later. To order or renew your Special Event Plate,  fill out the order form below, print it, and mail it in today.
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City / State / Zip:


E-Mail Address:

Car Year, Make & Model:

Car Color:

Car Vin #:

Name on Plate (up to 6 letters and/or numbers)

MUST include a photo copy of vehicle proof of insurance card and a copy of registration. Make check out for $55.00, payable to Grant Sutton if this is for a new order and mail to: Grant Sutton P.O. Box 2141 Centennial CO  80161 If you are renewing your plate, do not write out a check as there is no additional charges to renew, but still must have copy of registration and proof of insurance.